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DPMS A-15 .223



The M1 Carbine was in service in the  early 1940s when the United States military recognized the need for a lightweight firearm that could bridge the gap between the pistol and the full-sized rifle. The development of the M1 Carbine was driven by the requirements of non-frontline troops such as support personnel, paratroopers, and officers who needed a weapon that was compact, lightweight, and easier to handle than the standard-issue M1 Garand rifle. Designed by Winchester Repeating Arms Company, the M1 Carbine underwent several iterations before its final design was approved. Its development drew inspiration from various sources, including the M1 Garand, the M1 Thompson submachine gun, and the concept of intermediate cartridges. Ultimately, the weapon combined the firepower of a rifle with the portability and controllability of a pistol, making it an ideal weapon for close-quarters combat.

The M1 Carbine featured a gas-operated semi-automatic action. Chambered in .30 Carbine, a low-recoil cartridge developed specifically for this weapon, it struck a balance between the power of a rifle round and the manageable recoil of a pistol cartridge. The detachable box magazine held either 15 or 30 rounds. Weighing around 5 pounds and measuring just over 35 inches in length, the M1 Carbine was significantly lighter and more compact than its full-sized counterparts. Its design featured a wooden stock, a steel receiver, and a distinctive 18-inch barrel equipped with a folding rear sight. The weapon could also be fitted with a bayonet lug, a flash hider, and a folding stock, depending on the specific variant.

During World War II, the M1 Carbine saw extensive action in both the European and Pacific theaters. The M1 Carbine remained in service well beyond the war and was used in subsequent conflicts such as the Korean War and the Vietnam War, further solidifying its reputation as a versatile firearm.

Origin: United States
Manufactured: 1942-73
Manufacturer: IBM Corp.

Type: Semi-Automatic Carbine

Caliber: .30 Carbine
Barrel Length: 451mm (17.75")
Action: Gas-Operated Rotating Bolt

Magazine Capacity: 15, 30 Detachable Box Magazine


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