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Springfield xD 45ACP



The Springfield XD .45 ACP Pistol is a prominent member of the Springfield Armory XD series, celebrated for its reliable performance and versatility. This semi-automatic pistol is constructed with a durable polymer frame and features a striker-fired mechanism, showcasing the renowned craftsmanship of HS Produkt in Karlovac, Croatia. Springfield Armory introduced the XD series to the U.S. market in 2002 after obtaining licensing rights for the polymer-framed, striker-fired HS2000 pistol manufactured in Croatia.


The XD series has since evolved, offering a wide array of models with varying calibers, cartridges, barrel lengths, and finishes. Notably, the XD chambered in .45 ACP received accolades, being named "Handgun of the Year" by both American Rifleman and the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence in 2006. The XD-M variant, distinguished by its match-grade barrel and interchangeable back-straps, emerged in 2008 and was honored as "Handgun of the Year" in 2009. This variant was subsequently offered in various calibers, including the powerful 10mm Auto in 2018. The XD-S, introduced in 2012, stands out for its single-stack magazine, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry. With innovative safety features and a slim profile, the XD-S provides a reliable and compact option for personal defense.


Springfield Armory further expanded its XD lineup with the XD Mod.2 in 2014, featuring ergonomic enhancements like the "Grip Zone" and upgraded sights for improved accuracy. In 2017, the XD-E was introduced, offering double action/single action (DA/SA) operation, and a .45 ACP version was subsequently added. The XD-S Mod.2, introduced in 2018, brought enhanced safety features to the XD-S platform. 

Origin: Croatia
Manufactured: 1942-73
Manufacturer: Springfield Armory Inc.

Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol

Caliber: .45 ACP
Barrel Length: 100mm (4")
Action: Short Recoil Operated

Magazine Capacity: 12 Round Detachable Box Magazine


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