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Troop Trial VZ.52



The vz. 52, or model 52, is a post-World War II self-loading rifle from Czechoslovakia, firing the 7.62×45mm cartridge. It's revered for its reliability and accuracy. The rifle operates on a tilting-bolt locking mechanism driven by a short-stroke gas piston system. Unlike typical designs, the bolt tips forward to lock. The barrel is securely press-fitted, and the manual safety is conveniently located within the trigger guard. The trigger mechanism is akin to the M1 Garand. A distinctive feature is the integrated cocking handle on the right side, allowing seamless reloading without disrupting aim.

The rifle boasts open-type iron sights, a hooded front post, and a V-notch rear sight, adjustable for elevations from 100 to 950 meters. It can also accommodate optics via an optional side rail. The one-piece pistol grip stock, carved from walnut or beech, features a hollowed butt serving as a storage compartment. It houses an integral folding blade bayonet. The vz. 52 feeds from a 10-round detachable box magazine, but quick reloading via stripper clips is the norm.

The series underwent a conversion to the Soviet 7.62×39mm cartridge, resulting in the vz. 52/57 variant. Though less common, it features a chromium-plated bore and chamber for enhanced durability. While eventually replaced within Czechoslovak service, these rifles found their way to various theatres, including Cuba, Angola, Grenada, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

This specific VZ.52 was a troop trial rifle. They took the original VZ.52 design and modified the body to be lighter and more compact. These rifles had a stand alone pistol grip, and an under folder. The final design looks vastly different from it's VZ.52 platform, but it shares the same receiver. Other than the receiver, everything else was modified in some way to promote weight reduction and versatility. There are Czech factory markings on the left side of the rifle. The rifle features the “SHE” factory markings, factory cross sword stampings (which are prevalent on most Czech firearms) and serial numbers indicating the date and number of rifle. Not many of these troop trial rifles were made and ultimately the idea was scrapped.

Origin: Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
Manufactured: 1952-1959
Manufacturer: Považské strojárne

Type: Semi-Automatic Rifle

Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Barrel Length: 451mm (17.75")
Action: Gas-Oper
ated- Tilting Breechblock

Magazine Capacity: 10 Round  Detachable Box Magazine


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