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The Czechoslovakian VZ.52 is a 7.62x54mm semi-automatic rifle developed in the early 1950’s as a general issue service weapon for the Czech military. The unique tilting-bolt, short stroke gas piston design of the VZ.52 made for a reliable firearm, however due to some production difficulties, the VZ.52 was never mass-produced for general issue, and was subsequently replaced by the VZ.58. The VZ.52 featured a 520mm (20.5 Inches) barrel, and in later iterations, was re-chambered to fire the popular 7.62x39mm round. The VZ.52 included a 10rd box magazine, and an integrated side folding bayonet. The rifle is manufactured on a milled receiver, and press fit barrel, with many other parts being machined from solid blocks. The rifle features an adjustable rear sight set for 100-950 meters, and has a storage compartment in the stock for cleaning supplies.

The VZ.52 can be easily identified via its unique design, 10rd box magazine, ribbed upper handguard/gas tube, integrated right side folding bayonet, and the Czech factory markings on the left side of the rifle. The rifle features the “SHE” factory markings, factory cross sword stampings (which are prevalent on most Czech firearms) and serial numbers indicating the date and number of rifle. The serial number “R 60037” can be seen both on the receiver, and on various other parts of the rifle, including the stock, gas tube, and upper handguard.

Origin: Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
Manufactured: 1952-1959
Manufacturer: Považské strojárne

Type: Semi-Automatic Rifle

Caliber: 7.62x45mm 
Barrel Length: 520mm (20.5")
Action: Gas Operat
ed - Tilting Breechblock

Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds


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