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PolyTech AKS-762



The Chinese Polytech model AKS-762 rifle is a carbine length semi-automatic rifle imported into the United States before the Chinese arms ban in the mid 1990’s. The AKS-762 is a side-folding stock variant of the Chinese stamped Type 56, and has most of the same features as a standard stamped receiver Type 56. The AKS-762 was an early import Kalashnikov style firearm. Like the Type 56, the AKS-762 is a variant of the later AKM, with some design changes implemented by China. The AKS-762 features a stamped sheet metal receiver, tri-rivet front trunnion rivet pattern, closed hood front sight block, milled-style gas block, and unique Chinese style side-folding stock. The AKS-762 has a 415mm (16.1 inches) barrel, side-folding stock, making it easy to transport and maneuver inside tight spaces. The Polytech AKS-762 is a semi-automatic sporting rifle, which means it is locked to semi-automatic fire.

The Chinese Polytech model AKS-762 can be identified via the markings on the left side of the rifle, on the stamped receiver and front barrel trunnion. The Polytech model AKS-762 will include a factory marking, and a standard set of serial numbers. The Chinese factory marking is a rounded box with the number 386, indicating the rifle was produced in factory 386. The receiver also features an alphabetic pre-fix, followed by a serial number, and another set of markings notating the import data. The import data includes the firearm model, caliber, semi-auto, and the company that imported the firearm, which is located on the bottom of the receiver. Chinese stamped side-folding AKs also have a few distinct features, such as a brightly orange colored Bakelite stock set, which is lighter in weight than many other wood furniture, a safety selector with fewer ribs from the stamping process.

The import model AKS-762 comes in an original box with the Poly Technologies logo printed on the side, three Chinese 30rd steel magazines, a late style Chinese AK bayonet, sheath, cleaning kit, sling, and oil bottle. Chinese AK-47 magazines can be identified by determining whether a rear reinforcement spine is present on the back of the magazine.

The AKS-762 operates with a manual of arms that is comparable to a standard Kalashnikov Assault rifle firearm, and includes a 30rd box magazine.

Origin: China
Manufactured: 1980's
Manufacturer: Poly Technologies

Type: Assault Rifle

Caliber: 7.62x39mm Soviet
Barrel Length: 415mm
Action: Gas Operated -
Rotating Bolt

Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds

This is a Semi-Automatic Representation of the Firearm.


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