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The Romanian M10-22 is an U.S. imported carbine length semi-automatic rifle based on the Kalashnikov series of AKM rifles, chambered in 22LR. It is a wood fixed stock variant of the AKM and has most of the same features, but has unique features to allow for its smaller cartridge. It started being imported in the 2010’s in very small numbers. The m10-22 has a 415mm barrel.

The Romanian M10-22 can be identified by markings on the left side of the rifle's receiver, and on the left side of the front barrel trunnion. It features a serial number, in this case indicating the rifle is number “2” produced, and on the receiver features the model and caliber. It also has unique serial number, which can be found on various parts of the rifle. The M10-22 has a parkerized finish.

The Bulgarian M10-22 has some unique design features, such as a front sight block / gas block combo, unique top cover, bolt and carrier, allowing the gun to run 22LR. In addition, the barrel has no muzzle threads, and accepts a proprietary magazine 10rd 22LR box magazine.

The Romanian M10-22 operates with a manual of arms comparable to a standard Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Origin: Romania
Manufactured: 2010's

Type: Semi-Automatic Sporting Firearm

Caliber: 22LR
Barrel Length: 415mm (16.3")
Action: Gas Blowback

Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds

This is a Semi-Automatic Representation of the Firearm.


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