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The MPi-AKS-74N stands as a testament to the ingenuity of East German small arms designers, as one of their last developments before the country's reunification. Drawing inspiration from the venerable AK-74 series of rifles, this variant was tailored to the specific needs of the East German military.

The rifle features a standard AK-74 type 24mm threaded muzzle device and front sight block, as well as a 90-degree gas block.


The rifle accepts standard AKM/AK-74 style handguards, and the East German Mpi-AKS-74 encompasses a unique look with its bakelite lower handguard, and brown plastic upper handguard. The rifles are also issued with the classic brown plastic East German style checkered pistol grip.

With various distance holds, up to 1000 meters, on its rear sight block, the MPi-AKS-74N has a standard late-style AK-74 rear sight.


The 1mm sheet metal receiver, bolt, and carrier are reminiscent of the standard AK-74 design, and it features a ribbed design sheet metal dust cover.

Designed with paratroopers and other vehicle-bound units in mind, the AKS model comes equipped with a side folding wire stock.


The rifles are issued with orange bakelite 30rd magazines manufactured in East Germany, the MPi-AKS-74N also features a side optic rail mount that allows for the attachment of various optics, including the East German ZFK scope.

Origin: East Germany
Manufactured: 1980's
Manufacturer: Suhl Factory, East Germany

Type: Assault Rifle

Caliber: 5.45x39mm Soviet
Barrel Length: 415mm (16.3")
Action: Gas Operated - Rotating Bolt

Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds

This is a Semi-Automatic Representation of the Firearm.


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