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Snider-Enfield MkIII



The Snider-Enfield was a breech-loading rifle that replaced the earlier muzzle-loading Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle. It was designed by Jacob Snider, an American gunsmith, and it was introduced in the early 1860s. The Mk III version of the rifle was introduced in 1871 and remained in service with the British Army until the early 20th century.

The Snider-Enfield Mk III Rifle had several key improvements over the earlier models, including a more reliable action and a stronger breech block. The rifle was chambered for a .577 caliber cartridge and had a range of up to 1,400 yards. The rifle's breech-loading mechanism allowed for faster reloading and increased accuracy, which made it a significant improvement over earlier muzzle-loading rifles. However, it was still not as effective as some of the more advanced bolt-action rifles that were being developed at the time.

The Snider-Enfield Mk III Rifle saw service in a number of conflicts, including the Zulu War (1879), the Sudanese Campaign (1882-1885), and the Second Boer War (1899-1902). It was also used by colonial forces in places like India and Canada.

To identify a Snider-Enfield Mk III Rifle, you should look for several key features. The rifle should have a distinctive breech-loading mechanism located at the rear of the barrel, which allows the cartridge to be inserted or removed. The stock should be made of walnut and have a unique shape that is wider at the butt and narrows towards the front. The barrel should have a length of approximately 36 inches and be chambered for a .577 caliber cartridge. The lock plate will typically have the manufacturer's name and the year of production stamped on it. The rear sight will usually be a ladder-style sight, and the butt plate will typically be made of brass with a storage compartment. The fore stock will typically have two barrel bands, and the trigger guard will be made of brass. 

Origin: United Kingdom
Manufactured: 1866-1901
Manufacturer: RSAF Enfield

Type: Breech-Loading Rifle

Caliber: .577 Snider
Barrel Length: 930mm (36.5")
Action:Side-Hinged Breechblock

Magazine Capacity: 1, Single Shot


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