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The East German MPi-Km is a carbine length assault rifle based on the Kalashnikov series of AKM rifles. The MPi-Km is a fixed stock variant of the AKM, and has most of the same features as a standard AKM. Like the AKM, the MPi-Km started seeing production in the early 1960’s.The MPi-Km is a modernized version of the AK-47, and features a stamped sheet metal receiver, and some design improvements from the AK-47 to make it lighter and easier to produce. The MPi-Km has a 415mm (16.1 inches) barrel, a brown plastic pebble stock, wood upper handguard, and brown plastic furniture.

The East German MPi-Km can be identified via the markings on the left side of the rifle, on the front barrel trunnion. The MPi-Km has a distinct circle “K3” marking on the side of the trunnion, near the barrel pin, designating it as an East German built firearm. The trunnion markings show a date of manufacture, letter prefix, and then a unique serial number. The serial numbers can also be found on the bolt, bolt carrier, dust cover, recoil spring, gas tube, and sometimes on the rear sight leaf, and safety selector lever. More factory markings can be found on the top of the front trunnion, underneath the dust cover. These markings include various inspector markings, and a distinct circle inside a diamond, which is a key indicator of Suhl-produced East German weaponry. MPi-Km rifles will have a blued metal finish on the early manufactured guns, black paint finish on later guns (late 1980’s). The rear sight leaf will also feature a “D” or “N” marking, indicating “battle zero”.

The MPi-Km can also be identified via some unique design features, such as the unique brown plastic furniture which is exclusive to the East German manufactured Kalashnikov rifles. The MPi-Km features a ribbed sheet metal top cover, and an extremely high level of craftsmanship. The MPi-Km will have very crisp sheet metal stampings, smooth machining markings, and an overall high level of fit and finish. The later models of MPi-Km will feature a side folding wire stock, and a bakelite lower handguard instead of wood.

The MPi-Km was exported to many nations during the time of its manufacture, and some countries such as Finland had wood furniture fitted on the rifles instead of plastic.

The MPi-Km operates with a manual of arms that is comparable to a standard Kalashnikov Assault rifle firearm.

Origin: East Germany
Manufactured: 1960's - 1980's
Manufacturer: Suhl Factory, East Germany

Type: Assault Rifle

Caliber: 7.62x39mm Soviet
Barrel Length: 415mm (16.3")
Action: Gas Operated - Rotating Bolt

Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds

This is a Semi-Automatic Representation of the Firearm.


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