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Gewehr 33/40



The Gewehr 33/40, also known as the G33/40, was a rifle used by the German military during World War II. It was based on the Czechoslovakian vz.33 carbine and was specifically designed as a lightweight and compact rifle for mountain troops or Gebirgsjäger units who faced the challenges of steep terrains, harsh weather conditions, and the need for rapid mobility.


After the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1938, the Brno factory, which was previously a Czech arms manufacturer, came under German control and was named Waffen Werke Brünn . It was at the Brünn factory that the Gewehr 33/40 was produced. The Germans modified the Czech vz.33 carbine design to create the Gewehr 33/40 specifically for their mountain troops. The production of these carbine rifles began in 1940 and continued until 1942.  Minor modifications were done to the vz.33 to make this weapon. A german type bayonet lug was added, as well as a rear side sling swivel, which projected through the stock behind the wrist. A bolt-takedown washer was also placed in the stock and a removable hooded front sight post was added.  To suit the needs of a mountain troop, a rifle needed to be significantly shorter and lighter than the traditional Kar98k. So the G33/40 was about 110mm  (4.3in) shorter and weighed about 7.9 pounds. To achieve this lighter weight, several modifications were done. There were parts cutout of the receiver and  the bolt handle ball was hollowed out. One of the most notable and distinctive features of this weapon was the protective metal plate that extended from the buttplate along the bottom and left side of the stock. This was to protect from mountaineering boots and the terrain when using the rifle as a hiking stick or climbing tool. 


Early production models of this weapon will have factory code “905” on top of the receiver, like this specific rifle above with the year of manufacture. This was in place of the Czech lion crest of the vz.33. Later production models of this weapon had the “905” replaced with “dot” with the year of manufacture. During 1942 production of G33/40s was ceased when the factory was converted to produce Kar98ks.

Origin: Czechoslovakia
Manufactured: 1940-1942
Manufacturer: Zbrojovka Brno

Type: Bolt-Action Rifle

Caliber: 7.92 x 57mm Mauser
Barrel Length: 490mm (19.29")
Action: Bolt-Action

Magazine Capacity: 5 Round Internal Magazine


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