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FN Browning M1900



The FN Browning M1900 pistol is a compact and elegant firearm designed by John Browning and manufactured by Fabrique Nationale (FN) in Belgium. Introduced in 1900, it showcases Browning's ingenuity and attention to detail.

Featuring a blued or nickel-plated finish and finely crafted wooden or hard rubber grips, the FN Browning M1900 exudes a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Operating on a blowback mechanism, this semi-automatic pistol offers reliable performance. It utilizes a single-action trigger, requiring manual cocking of the hammer before the first shot. Subsequent shots are fired with a light and crisp trigger pull.

The FN Browning M1900 features a manual safety lever located on the left side of the frame, providing added security during handling. Its seven-round detachable magazine allows for efficient reloading.

Identifying markings include engravings such as "FN BROWNING'S PATENT DEPOSE" on the slide and a serial number on the frame.

Notably, some versions of the FN Browning M1900 included a cocking indicator located on the rear sight. This indicator would move up or down depending on whether the gun was cocked or not, providing a visual indication of the pistol's readiness to fire. Weighing approximately 23 ounces with a barrel length of around 4.5 inches, the FN Browning M1900 strikes a balance between portability and control. It chambered the .32 ACP cartridge, providing suitable stopping power for self-defense purposes. The FN Browning M1900 was manufactured from 1900 to 1913, with approximately 700,000 units produced during that time. This widespread production contributed to its popularity and wide distribution.


The FN Browning M1900 gained recognition during significant historical periods, including World War I and World War II, where it served as a favored sidearm for officers and individuals seeking a compact and concealable firearm.

Origin: Belgium
Manufactured: 1942-73
Manufacturer: IBM Corp.

Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol

Caliber: .32 ACP
Barrel Length: 102
mm (4")
Action: Blowback Operated

Magazine Capacity: 7 Round Detachable Box magazine


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