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Mannlicher M1905



The Mannlicher M1905  pistol, designed by Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher in 1899, was initially produced in Austria as the Mannlicher Model 1901. This semi-automatic pistol has a unique and elegant appearance due to the graceful curve of its handgrip, setting it apart from other contemporary designs. The pistol's development was a result of continuous improvement, with the Model 1901 being an upgraded version of the Model 1900, and ultimately leading to the M1905. While these models share the same basic design and operation, each version underwent minimal adjustments to enhance its performance and functionality.


The operating system of the Mannlicher M1905, along with its predecessors, relies on blowback action. Notably, the Mannlicher M1905 incorporates a delayed blowback operation, employing a large external hammer and a heavy spring. The pistol is single-action, necessitating the hammer to be manually cocked before it can fire a round. A significant feature of the M1905 is its open-top design, with the barrel firmly screwed into the breech. This design facilitates the efficient operation of the blowback system.


The safety mechanisms of the pistol include a manual safety catch lever on the right side of the slide, strategically placed to prevent the hammer from striking the firing pin unintentionally. This design consideration enhances the safety of the weapon during handling and use.


Regarding ammunition, the Mannlicher M1905 utilizes the 7.65 × 21 mm Mannlicher cartridge. Initially, the Model 1900 was produced in an 8mm cartridge, but Mannlicher reintroduced it with the 7.65mm round to increase its power. Loading the pistol is accomplished through a stripper clip, which can hold ten rounds. The cartridges slide onto the stripper clip and are then pushed into the breech, making reloading efficient.


The M1905 underwent rigorous testing in Europe alongside various other handguns. It faced multiple assessments, including assembly, firing, target shooting, timing, and endurance tests. Although the pistol did not stand out in these tests compared to other contemporary options, it found its place in the Argentine Army, which adopted it in 1905. Argentina continued to purchase the M1905, even after it had been discontinued in Europe. The pistol's reliability and performance contributed to its extensive service in the Argentine armed forces, with approximately 10,000 units being acquired. Some units of the Modelo 1905 were also sold to Paraguay, where they saw action during the Chaco War.

Origin: Austria-Hungary 

Manufactured: 1905-1910
Manufacturer: Steyr Arms

Type: Single-Action Pistol

Caliber: 7.63mm Mannlicher
Barrel Length: 160mm (6.3")
Action: Delayed Blowback

Magazine Capacity:10 -Round Stripper Clip Loaded Magazine


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