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The Persian M98/29 Mauser is a rifle that traverses history, politics, and national pride, stands as a testament to Iran's unique relationship with arms production. Born in the shadow of World War I and the Versailles Treaty's armament restrictions, the Brno Mauser found its roots in Czechoslovakia as a near replica of Germany's Mauser rifle.


Following the tumultuous rise of Hitler and the invasion of Czechoslovakia, the identical rifle took form both in Germany and its invaded neighbor. Brünn, the Czech city now known as Brno, emerged as a pivotal production hub, where the iconic VZ24, or Model 24, was crafted. These rifles, marked with the word "Brno," bear the indelible imprint of their origin.


Intriguingly, when Iran sought to bolster its military arsenal under Reza Shah's leadership, it opted for a version forged from the Czech template. This "Persian Brno" embodied a fusion of German and Czech craftsmanship, adorned with Persian inscriptions and a distinct Pahlavi crest. Revered for its performance, the Persian Brno was favored over the British Lee Enfield and Russian Mosin Nagant by Iran's leadership, potentially symbolizing a desire to remain independent from neighboring powers.


Over time, Iran's arms production evolved. In the late 1940s, the renowned Mosalsal-sazi machine-gun factory in Tehran took up the mantle of crafting Brno rifles under license from CZ. This heralded the birth of the short Brno, known as "Berno Kootah," and a longer version closely resembling Germany's Kar98k.


On the left side of the receiver the inscription reads "tofang-e nemoone 1309 karkhane-ye aslahe sazi berno" ("Rifle model 1309 Made at Brno Arms factory." The number 1309 refers to the Persian year 1309 which is the year 1930 in the Western calendar).  It features the Pahlavi shir-o-khorshid crest on top of the receiver, the Lion and Sun so commonly used in Persia since the Safavid dynasty. This rifle used a 7.92X57mm/8mm Mauser Cartridge and had a 5 round internal magazine capacity.


For decades, the Brno Mauser stood as the Iranian military's stalwart companion, embodying accuracy, reliability, and cultural significance. It held a special place among Iranian tribes, who revered its precision and effectiveness. The Brno became an intrinsic part of tribal life and warfare, with stories of remarkable marksmanship passed down through generations.

Origin: Czechoslovakia
Manufactured: 1930s
Manufacturer: Fabbrica Armi BRNO

Type: Bolt-Action Rifle

Caliber: 7.92X57mm/8mm Mauser
Barrel Length: 736.6mm (29")
Action: Bolt Action

Magazine Capacity: 5 Round Internal Magazine


Persian Mauser 98/29

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