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Para-ordinance  P14-45



The Para-Ordnance P14-45, later known as the 14.45, stands as a remarkable evolution of the iconic United States Armed Forces' M1911 pistol. Crafted by Para-Ordnance, later known as Para USA, this firearm, introduced in the 1980s, achieved the distinction of being the first-ever M1911 descendant to incorporate a high-capacity double-stack magazine.

In the twilight of the 1980s, Para-Ordnance, hailing from Toronto, initiated the sale of "high-capacity conversion kits" tailored for M1911A1 pistols. These transformative kits comprised a modernized frame with a broader grip, aptly accommodating a double-stack magazine that doubled the M1911's standard 7-round magazine capacity to a formidable 14 rounds. This innovation also included a revamped trigger assembly, meticulously dimensioned to harmonize with the expanded grip frame. The resounding success of these kits spurred Para-Ordnance to commence the independent production of complete M1911 pistols in 1990.

In the year 1999, Para-Ordnance introduced the double-action-only LDA (Light Double Action) modification, enhancing the versatility of the platform.

The P14-45, later referred to as the 14.45, represents the standard model, clearly indicating its chambering in .45 ACP and boasting an impressive magazine capacity of 14 rounds. Diversifying the lineup, Para-Ordnance also introduced other versions, each catering to distinct preferences. The P16-40 (16.40) embraces the .40 S&W caliber and touts a commendable 16-round magazine capacity. Meanwhile, the P18-9 (18.9) ventures into the 9×19mm Parabellum domain, generously accommodating an 18-round magazine.

This Specific pistol is a custom order meant to showcase the mission and the unit for a specific US Armed Forces battalion. Other custom modifications are included on this handgun as well, such as a match grade barrel and a custom double action trigger.

Origin: Canada

Manufacturer: Para-Ordnance

Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol

Caliber: .45 Auto
Barrel Length: 127
mm (5")
Action: Recoil-Operated Semi-Automatic

Magazine Capacity: 14 Round Detachable Box Magazine


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